We at Cesar would like to thank all those who, this past 17 October, celebrated together with us the inauguration of our new flagship store in Paris.

The opening of this store represents the realisation of our long-standing dream of introducing the demanding and impeccably fashionable French market to the sophisticated style of our latest creations for the kitchen, dining room, or living room: from Intarsio to The 50s, from Maxima 2.2. to Unit.

A synthesis of exclusive design, artisan attention to detail, and the utmost in customisable products which captured the attention of the more than one hundred journalists, clients, and professionals from the sector who came to visit us in our new showroom on Boulevard Saint-Germain, managed by our partner Christophe Heuze.

The models on display at this location can now also be admired on the website created specifically for and simultaneously with the opening of the store:

Cesar’s presence in Paris is only the first step in an initiative aimed at strengthening our visibility in the world’s design capitals, where we wish to present a purely Italian kitchen concept, intended as the heart of the home, the focal point around which the family happily comes together every day to share their ups and down, their thoughts, and their emotions.