A character that is sensitive to beauty and refined solutions, that has the ability to believe in one’s own intuition and that has a talent for enjoying the pleasures of everyday art. These are the traits of a sophisticated individual, which are perfectly reflected in this new version of Maxima 2.2 in Olmo Sbiancato.
The composition magnifies the natural qualities of the wood from which it is derived, making it the undisputed main feature of this solution. The prestige and magical appeal of elm are the result of its unique flamed veining which enriches the light-coloured background and runs along the entire wall occupied by the columns.

Thanks to Blum’s innovative pocket system of retracting doors, the central portion reveals a concealed compartment which houses the Dressup wall solution, adorned with numerous accessory holders.
A solution that makes a dramatic impact and is in perfect harmony with the Diamond work surface, made from Rosa Perlino engineered stone.
The engineered stone brings together the unique aesthetic qualities of natural stone and the uniformity and ease of maintenance guaranteed by a sophisticated process that produces an agglomerate of 95% marble chips and 5% resin binder.
The result ensures an elegant style and pairs perfectly with basins and faucets in a gold vintage brass finish, which add lustre and a highly cultivated vintage effect to the space.

The entire composition serves almost as an introduction for the large Dressup wall solution with the Art Collection background that dominates the environment: a floral still life with Caravaggesque lighting, a photographic image which makes the ephemeral eternal. The frame of Dressup presents, in turn, a champagne finish and is divided by a bronze glass shelf. The radiance of these elements contrasts with the opacity of the background.

A composition that is rich in timeless appeal, designed to bring poetry and grace into the lives of those who love to surround themselves with emotion.

A portrait of artistic grace
Atmosfere - video 3