13.12.19 - Personal Room

Personal Room n. 6

Francesco Franchi and the new role of editorial design.

The pleasure of conversing freely, opening oneself up to dialogue, avoiding the urgency and the need to appear a certain way, in order to see the world that surrounds us from original perspectives. This is the axis around which the experience of Personal Room revolves: a travelling exploration of the landscape of design through meetings with those whose activities focus on it, taking place within the environment where we feel most comfortable: the kitchen.

The sixth edition of Personal Room, which took place in Milan this past 20 November, was held at Casa Platform, the editorial offices of the magazine Platform, which hosted our Unit kitchen.

The guest interviewed by Paolo Ferrarini, professor of “Fashion and Industrial Design” at the University of Bologna as well as Italian correspondent of Cool Hunting, was Francesco Franchi, one of the leading experts in the world of Italian newspaper design and now deputy creative director of Repubblica. Franchi gave a summary of the evolution of publishing from the perspective of design and market, illustrating his idea of integrated journalistic writing, in which it is possible to create  perfect harmony between images and content through the close collaboration between journalists and editorial designers.

The full account of this very interesting evening, with a transcription of the meeting, will soon be available within the next issue of Personal Room.