A cosy space, in which the décor is designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional so as to create an intimate and welcoming atmosphere in which to gather at the end of every day.
It’s the desire for warmth and comfort that brings many modern households together and that Cesar satisfies with this elegant version of Maxima 2.2, which exalts warm, almost earthy, nuances.

The solution combines the natural beauty and sensuality of Olmo Toscano with the benefits of technological materials like ceramic, here present in the Moka Abujardado Jasper finish, used for the cabinets, the drawers, and the worktop, which houses the elegant Block sink in Vintage steel.

Olmo and Moka are recurring themes, like in a symphonic variation, throughout the entire environment. In the kitchen, Moka Abujardado Jasper is present in the splashback of the Dressup wall solution, which extends into the Dressup Line version, in black ribbed aluminium, along the entire work surface in order to accommodate various accessories.

The columns are also in Moka Abujardado Jasper, with a Frame grip and Total Black plinths, in keeping with the Solido table in Rovere Corvino.

The splash of colour for the entire room, with a vibrancy that makes it the focal point, comes from the splashback of Dressup, positioned in front of the entrance and featuring the Flower Still Life “Peonies Blossom” collection.

Completing the décor is the minimalist linearity of the entrance, in which we find Dressup with doors in Rovere Corvino and splashback in Olmo Toscano.

A contrast which becomes tactile in the Gap furniture, with carcases in an Alpaca finish and in which the black stands out thanks to the glossiness of its lacquer.