30.10.20 - Design

A portrait of young energy

Nichel lacquer, Olmo wood and Palladio Laguna stone.

A homely elegance, a welcoming simplicity, the careful study of continuity of colour in which the details bring to light the originality of the aesthetic concept. The final effect of this new composition by Cesar represents an eclectic and young personality, one that is accustomed to standing out in its metropolitan environment and combining functionality and design. The space’s visual identity is defined by the choice of a neutral yet warm colour, which is presented in multiple variations, all equally sophisticated.

The Unit island dominates the centre of the space: the Palladio Laguna engineered stone top, which houses the Platform snack surface in Rovere Corvino nero, rests on the Unit structure in a sophisticated Nichel Anodyc effect lacquered finish.
This extraordinary solution involves the hand application of a metallic finish that is capable of creating harmonious shades (light or more intense) which, with their varying depths, convey a sense of three-dimensionality. Furthermore, the Anodyc treatment recreates the mirrored effect of metal while still preserving a degree of opacity that softens the composition and gives it texture.

The Maxima bases in Olmo Grigio are paired with the Eero handle in the new black finish, the same tones found in the Palladio Laguna engineered stone top, with integrated Block sink in vintage stainless steel. The engineered stone, made up 95% of natural stone and 5% of resin binder, guarantees style, the utmost practicality, and a uniform surface.

Palladio Laguna engineered stone is also used in Dressup Line with shelving in black ribbed aluminium, while the doors of Dressup are in Olmo Grigio. This wall accessory, with its reduced depth of 22 cm, conveys an enormous sense of lightness and freedom, playing off of the The 50's system present on the other wall, which pairs its brushed black structure with the sophisticated personality of lacquered Arenaria.

The environment thus serves as a comfortable haven, a protected space within which to freely explore one’s own emotional dimension, thanks to highly delicate visual stimuli, and in which to peacefully share some of life’s most beautiful moments with friends and family.

A portrait of young energy
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