Living on the boundary between land and sea, between history and technology, between traditional elegance and contemporary minimalism, promoting excellence through difference.

A choice whose underlying principle is the search for beauty, evoked rather than flaunted. Within a splendid turn-of-the-century building, once the consular office in Trieste, the lighter and more luminous version of Maxima 2.2 is on display, integrating perfectly with the mosaics, stucco work, and winter garden that characterise this architectural gem.

The opulence of the decorations is recalled in the splendor of the handles, grooves, and baseboards in a champagne finish, which become features thanks to the way they contrast with the light shades of the peninsula, in Fenix Bianco Kos and Meringa technomat.

This innovative material exploits the benefits of excimer lacquering to guarantee a minimal impact on the environment during the manufacturing phase and unique characteristics with regard to the final finish, which is ultra-matte, fingerprint resistant, and soft to the touch, yet at the same time extremely resistant to abrasions and harsh chemicals.

The kitchen includes the Rook table in Olmo Sbiancato, which can be moved as needed, and the Dressup wall solution with Ottone Anodyc metallic effect lacquered doors, that recall the golden tiles of the floor and column mosaics: an example of how the Cesar models can be freely matched with one another, maintaining a precise stylistic coherence.

The same compositional freedom makes it possible to insert the Home Elements in any environment in the house, from the dining room to the living room to the entrance, as happens here with the Dressup Art Collection. The visual effect of the Flower Still Life  “Delicate Camelia”  reproduced on the back panel is amplified by the choice of doors in Sicomoro high-gloss wood, a wood that has been admired since ancient times for its exceptional hardness and for the unique green and grey undertones of its horizontal texture, which create a highly evocative animalier effect.


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