19.02.19 - Kitchens

Welcome back, Unit!

Unit represents freedom. Freedom to imagine, to transform, to customise.

Discover it for yourself in the new catalogue, a continuation of the “Kitchen Portraits” series that began with the N_Elle model. A book in its own right, the graphics and creative layout have been completely revised. The fragments of stories within evoke the quintessential Unit customer and will serve as inspiration for your clients.

Garcia Cumini designed this Cesar system specifically for those who are constantly on the move, both physically and mentally, but don’t want to compromise on style or forgo the pleasure of cooking for their family.

This concept is echoed throughout the catalogue, and is neatly captured in the first, previously unseen, kitchen configuration that transmits an openness to different colours and finishes, easy integration with other collections, the addition of new tables and breakfast bars, and particularly an opening towards dining and living areas. This is bolstered by combining it with The 50’s book shelf system, aimed at introducing a cohesive and versatile style to the room.

Aesthetics and functionality, light-heartedness and distinctiveness, versatility and staying true to one’s beliefs. These values allow the Unit collection to continually reinvent itself and fulfil your clients’ every wish.